All about the wicker craft product from Indonesia

Indonesian rattan wicker

Rattan plants

Rattan is a type of palm plant that can grow very long, and very fast in growth can be harvested in a short time, the rattan pole has a diameter of 2-5 cm with long sections that do not have holes / empty space. The anatomical structure of the rattan rod is related to durability and strength, due to the pore size and thickness of the fiber cell wall. Fiber cells are structural components that can provide strength to rattan stems, so they can grow to more than 100 meters. The stem is very strong , durable and resistant to weather, is very suitable to used in furniture and baskets, and can be used for indoor and outdoor decorations

Wicker craft in Cirebon Indonesia

Cirebon is known as the largest weaving craft area in Indonesia, has decades of experience with the best quality results in the furniture and basket woven industry, as a supplier to supply the needs of international and local needs.

Indonesian rattan

Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan are regions in Indonesia that have forests filled with rattan. 80% of the World Rattan needs have been supplied by Indonesia, known as the best quality rattan in the world, has 100 types of rattan. The types of rattan commonly used in the weaving craft industry are: Manau, stem, tohiti, mandola, suti, symbol sega, blubuk, stronghold, slimit semambu and pulut. Through the cleaning process of thorn midrib and cooking with kerosene for medium size rattan and fumigation process using sulfur for small size rattan, then processed into woven raw materials such as; peel / rattan peeled skin, semi polished rattan, rattan core and fitrit.

Dejava wickercraft

In this region (Cirebon), DEJAVA WICKERCRAFT is located to supply furniture and baskets to international and domestic since 2003 until now. We grow every year by providing and presenting the best quality weaving art using selected woven materials and reliable craftsmen.

Dejava Wickercraft

We produce wide variety of wicker  product categories ranging from bistro chair, terrace chair, dining chair, living chair, hamper basket, file storage basket, log basket, trunk, rack, planter basket, tray basket, waste bakset and many other products with the range of material rattan pole, fitrit, kubu natural and kubu  grey, rattan slimit , rattan core ,  banana leaf, sea gress, water hycinth and  wood.

We have been producing and supplying to many countries and domestic

Best selling

log basket

Rectangular wicker basket

This rectangular gray rattan wicker basket is great for you to place in any interior, and can be used for anything like firewood basket , laundry basket or whatever

set of 3 log basket rattan wicker

Set of 3 round basket storage

fire log basket rattan round shape with strong handles, for storing all your logs, easy to fill and move.

file storage rattan wicker and metal frame

File storage rattan wicker

Store your various work papers , file storage rattan woven with 4 stacking storage , very nice to placed on your work desk made in grey rattan wicker and metal frame.

set of 4 wicker basket storage

Set of 4 rectangular basket

Set of 4 rectangular rattan basket storages in grey kubu woven, useful for all sorts of different things as storing fruit, bakery, vegetable, gift basket.

Big trunk rattan storage wicker basket ingrey

Large trunk storage

Trunk large size , sturdy basket for store your firewood log or any thing .This trunk made from rattan kubu grey

tissue holder rustic rattan

Tissue box woven

Nice tissue box, this wicker tissue box can be place on a table, in the bathroom , in your car, made from rattan wicker and metal frame

kitchen basket storage woven metal frame

Utensil basket open weave

Kitchen Utensils basket storages,to storing your plate in the kitchen room,can also be used during the picnic or dinner in the garden, made from rattan and metal frame

terrace chair rattan kubu grey woven

Terrace chair

Terrace chair rattan woven, beautiful and comfortable, the shape is very unique, suitable for all place, perfect place to seat back and relax

More than just furniture and basket